The free association of PAS
(Paleoart - Art and Science)

Jaroslav Bažant

Born on 2th of March 1966.
He already became interested in prehistory in childhood by reading the books of J. Augusta with its unique illustrations by Z. Burian, whose magic was formed by the unique linking of scientific information and special poetics, affected him greatly. Another source was a film by K. Zeman, A Journey to the Beginning of Time. Already in those early years, he started to model extinct animals, and with the passing years, he gained knowledge about prehistoric life and skills. Later on, he created a palaeontological reconstruction according to scientific literature and worked with many of our major professionals, such as Z. V. Špinar, S. Štamberg and J. Zajíc.
Several years ago, palaeontologists approached him from the Faculty of Science in Prague to produce more models of prehistoric fauna for The Chlupáč Museum of Earth History. He created models of molluscs, arthropods, fish, amphibians and mammals under the supervision of M. Košťák and M. Mazuch.

Project holder Mendel Museum
With the support of J. Hochman (grandson of Z. Burian)
Authors of the project: Ondřej Dostál, Petr Modlitba