The free association of PAS
(Paleoart - Art and Science)

Jiří Svoboda

Born on the 5th of May 1965 in Pelhřimov.
He was already attracted to palaeontology and painting by the books of J. August and Z. Burian during his childhood. After a period of free creation, he began to cooperate in 2005 on technical renovations with our leading palaeobotanist (S. Opluštil, J. Pšenička, M. Libertín and Z. Šimůnek), then dealing with research on the Ovčín excavation, in 2005.
He is gradually working on other Permo-Carboniferous reconstructions of our territory, such as landscapes, plants, and also extinct animals (in collaboration with J. Zajíc and S. Štamberg). In the last period the reconstructions from the Mesozoic and Cenozoic of Northern Bohemia were added (in cooperation with B. Ekrt).

Project holder Mendel Museum
With the support of J. Hochman (grandson of Z. Burian)
Authors of the project: Ondřej Dostál, Petr Modlitba