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Jiří (George) Teichmann

Born on 10th of December 1957 in Chomutov.
He grew up in Mníšek pod Brdy and later in Králův Dvůr near Beroun. He regularly attended the Folk School of the Arts in Beroun, where he studied under the guidance of Professor Paták. And though painting was his greatest passion after the end of primary school, he decided for the School of Glass Cutters in Poděbrady. He emigrated to Canada in 1982.  He spent many years traveling and studying the wild nature of the Canadian wilderness and Alaska. He began to use his new artist name "Rinaldino" from 1990. He also began to seriously deal with the study of palaeontology and he has painted mostly prehistoric life and nature on his screens since 1995.
When creating his images, he works with well-known Canadian palaeontologists and has created many paintings with the theme of prehistoric life, which are exhibited in different museums in Canada and the USA. 
The Swedish film company SCANDI-NATURE has used his paintings of prehistoric animals from the last ice age in the Swedish one-hour documentary film, "Surviving The Ice Age", which was mentioned in the television programme, "Discovery", in Canada, the USA and other countries. In 1995, he exhibited his art at the largest exhibition of painters of wildlife in North America in the PACIFIC RIM WILDLIFE ART SHOW in Seattle, Washington.

Project holder Mendel Museum
With the support of J. Hochman (grandson of Z. Burian)
Authors of the project: Ondřej Dostál, Petr Modlitba