The free association of PAS
(Paleoart - Art and Science)

The free association of PAS (Paleoart - Art and Science)


PAS members are artists creating in the area of scientific artistic reconstruction:

Jaroslav Bažant, Pavel Dvorský, Petr Modlitba, Jiří Svoboda a Jiří Teichmann


The free association, PAS, aims to promote scientific drawing, painting and modelling.


The connection of university museums and great artists is an achievement that should show the importance of art in science, not only for the academic community but also for the public.
Do you also want, in the words of one of the most prominent representatives of this field, painter Zdenek Burian, to contribute to the awareness of belonging between man and nature today, as in the distant past.



  • popularization and the approach of scientific work to the public through art
  • the creation of opportunities for the presentation of artists working in the world of scientific reconstruction, in the form of meetings, workshops...
  • to offer to researchers the opportunity to collaborate with artists by creating a database that represents a sample of the work of each author in their style
  • to ensure and offer spaces for exhibitions and curatorial projects
  • the promotion of the work of Z. Burian in the framework of joint events of the project


A few words from a painter .... 

Even as a kid, I admired the books of Prof. Josef Augusta and Eduard Štorch where various prehistoric animals appeared in wondrous forms and shapes, or prehistoric people fearlessly fought with the wildlife and rugged nature. Directly, "The Eighth Wonder of the World" was for me Karel Zeman's film, "Journey to the Beginning of Time."
All these treasures of my childhood and youth had, however, one common denominator, to whom I owe for what I am doing today. This common denominator was the painter and illustrator, Zdeněk Burian.
And just my admiration for this exceptional painter and his art of absolutely realistically and suggestively portraying primordial nature and the creatures living in it, became one of the reasons why  the "PALEOART - ART & SCIENCE" (PAS) project arose.

Under this name hides a free association of artists dealing with the now very popular field called. "Scientific Image Reconstruction." This field itself is nothing new and is widespread in the world today. But in our approach, we want this very interesting art industry, which is closely linked to the scientific view of the history of life on planet Earth, to be expanded and made available to even the general public.

The PAS project will feature artists that have been in this field for many years and at the highest level. Each of them works in their own way, and many lived by and gained from their work achievements, not only at home but also abroad. All of them are united, not only by art as such, and an interest in the early history of the Earth, but also by a deep respect for the aforementioned painter Zdeněk Burian, whose work has certainly always been and still is the best that was ever created in this field in the world.

Let me, therefore, for myself and my colleagues, invite you to participate in the exhibitions, lectures, discussions with experts and other events that we will carry out in the framework of our project, and about which we will inform you on our website. You are cordially invited to actively participate in the events where you can learn more about "How to Actually Paint Prehistory".

Co-author of the PAS project
Petr Modlitba


V rámci projektu PAS nabízíme:

Výstavy projektu PAS

  1. společné - za účasti všech zapojených autorů
  2. jednotlivých vybraných autorů
  • přednášky a besedy na téma: Vědecká umělecká rekonstrukce
  • workshopy pro děti na téma: Jak se maluje pravěk
  • vytvoření výtvarného díla „na zakázku“ některým z našich umělců dle Vašeho výběru

Nabízíme také možnost spolupráce s některým z našich tvůrců na Vašich vědeckých nebo uměleckých projektech. Zajistíme zkontaktování s Vámi vybraným výtvarníkem.

V případě zájmu o některou z uvedených aktivit nás prosím kontaktujte: Ondřej Dostál, email:áč)

Project holder Mendel Museum
With the support of J. Hochman (grandson of Z. Burian)
Authors of the project: Ondřej Dostál, Petr Modlitba